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Leading Civil Engineering Industry, Aluminium & Steel Fabrication, Scaffolding and Formwork Company in Dubai, UAE.

Tradex LLC, founded in 1977, is an integrated steel manufacturer with major operations in the United Arab Emirates, GCC, and Other Parts of the world. Headquartered in Dubai. We manufacture a wide range of steel products for industrial, commercial, construction, and oil & gas industries. Tradex is a known brand in the industry for high quality and production capabilities. Tradex has demonstrated its capability to serve various projects ranging from villas to ultramodern residential buildings, hotels, and large commercial complexes in the United Arab Emirates and the world. Investments into high production machinery and a strong team has been able to extend the Tradex brand to other industries and this continues to grow.

How we get here.

Tradex has applied advanced civil engineering and manufacturing technologies in the United Arab Emirates. Constant research development and investment has been a strong factor to reaching various customers globally with continued improvement and growth into the various fields. With the help of its extensive manufacturing facility, Tradex caters to a wide variety of projects such as construction materials, mainly formwork and scaffolding, Aluminium Towers, Aluminium Case, Aluminium Ladders, Aluminium Solution, Steel Fabrication, Aviation & Rail services, Civil Engineering.


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Our Mission

Tradex's leads and integrate all engineering and manufacturing conglomerates in the United Arab Emirates, with international plus United Kingdom-based operations. We have committed to the highest quality, safety, and advanced technology, providing innovative solutions and prompt delivery. We manufacture products and services that give our esteemed customers the best value and compelling experience.

Our Vision

We conceptualize a company respected internationally for the excellent quality of service in all its chosen fields since we value our reputation. We survey a strong solid engineering organization serving the global market's construction and technical services requirements, quality, integrity, technical competence, and professionalism.

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We are Tradex

History & Goal.

  • How Tradex Start Marketing
    Starting from selling small construction accessories for contracting companies, Tradex has earned the reputation for the economical, safe, and quality products pushed by the rising demand in steel fabrication. Rapidly diversifies, adding its steel fabrication facility to respond and move forward in the construction industry and worldwide advancement. Tradex understands the complex compliance requirements in bringing quality and on-time products. Upon the continuing walk for excellence and challenged to have a sustainable development, Tradex introduced aluminum solutions to her clients to provide high-quality construction works and services. It leverages engineering expertise and construction resources while promoting significant commercial buildings, villas, and hotels. In only a few years, the company has expanded its Business to principal subsidiaries: Tradex Engineering Industry LLC Abu-Dhabi, Tradex Engineering Industry LLC Sharjah, Tradex LLC Al-Quoz, and Tradex LLC FZCO. Image
  • Tradex Fundamental Goal
    Tradex LLC has forged a solid and unique relationship with leading international partners whose expertise has assisted us to evolve and advance. Manufacturing and trading are all about the planning, preparation, implementation, and the systems involved and putting up an article of faith in the area we found ourselves. Tradex LLC, equipped with a vision, dedication, and passion in the field of construction, this entrepreneur who strives hard to reach the top market in the United Arab Emirates, founded Tradex LLC in 1977, which means
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    • Accountability
    • Development
    • EXcellence
  • Tradex Engineering Industries LLC
    Tradex Engineering Industry LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is engaged in manufacturing and services. It has the technical capability to produce a vast system of Formwork and Scaffolding products, Aluminium Cases, Aluminium Solution, Steel Fabrication, Aviation, Rail Maintenance, Personal protection equipment, and Scaffolding Accessories. Tradex Engineering Industry LLC is currently one of the leading Scaffolding and Formwork manufacturing industries in the United Arab Emirates, noted for quality products delivered on time and its pioneering application of advanced engineering methodology. Tradex Engineering Industry LLC and its affiliate Tradex FZCO and Tradex Al-Quoz are actively engaged in manufacturing, developing, and maintaining its integrity and customer service satisfaction Read More Image
  • Tradex FZCO
    Tradex FZCO is actively engaged in trading business and development with more than four decades of solid track record in the formwork and scaffolding business. Our services are the aim of our teams of experts whose expertise is second to none. It aims to achieve reliable, efficient, innovative, safe loading, delivery, erection, dismantling, and collection of top-class scaffolding from all types of sites and welding and fabrication. We are engaged in trading business-generating investments primarily through its participation in worldwide markets and other trading activities. These ventures generate not only investment income but also Business for Tradex LLC and Tradex Engineering Industry LLC. Tradex FZCO enjoyed continued patronage of institutional clients such as educational institutions, industrial, international and multinational companies. Image South Zone Gate No 12 Jebel Ali Freezone - Dubai - U.A.E
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We are Tradex

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